Sep 19, 2011

Two Thumbs Down

Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for hosting the Worst Movies Blogfest.

This was actually hard for me, as I have a tendency not to remember movies. Most of them fall into a huge blackhole in my memory. But I do remember some I've hated, or didn't care for.

1.  Dune. The version with Sting. Sting looked great and the sand worms were cool, the rest of it was a huge mess. I'm a big fan of the books, so this movie was a huge disappointment.

2.  Jurassic Park II. Another case of being very disappointed. The original is one of my all-time favorite movies and I was so looking forward to this. It was such a letdown. I wanted to throw my popcorn at the screen. It captured none of the magic of the first.

3.  AI - has to be one of the most depressing movies ever made. There wasn't even an inkling of hope in this story.

4.  Highlander II. Left everyone saying, wtf ???

5.  Terminator III. I kept falling asleep during this movie. Was there a plot? Seemed like just a lot of running about and explosions. To be fair, my husband liked it. He can get me to vacate a room quick by pulling that piece of trash out of the dvd cabinet.

6.  Borat. I know some people liked it. I'm not one of those who did. I gave it to Goodwill.

7.  Day the Earth Stood Still, the remake. The original was great.

8.  A sci-fi collection of 15 movies. These were newer D level movies. There was one with Mark Hamill and Bill Paxton in it, flying about. Another with Brandon Lee. One with one of the Wrestler dudes. Not Hulk Hogan. Possible they were lower than D. I love a good, bad movie, but these were just bad. Really bad. After ten minutes we'd be looking at the clock saying, "Why isn't it over yet?" Husband and I were too afraid to watch any more after the first five. That went off to Goodwill, too. Maybe I should have burned it instead of torturing some other soul.

9.  Star Trek Generations. I hated the way Kirk died. Just hated it. I pretend this movie does not exist.

10. He Man. My brothers, sister and I still have fun with this movie. We do the 'good journey' thing, since we've all gone our separate ways. It does have some entertainment value. Some.

Alex said we couldn't use Syfy movies, but I just have to say their version of Thor was really, really terrible and my eyes still burn from Category 7. My eyes! My eyes! Avoid those two at all costs.

Well, that's all I've got. How about you? Any movies you pretend don't exist?

PS, I've created a FB fan page, HERE. If you care to stop by, I can quit talking to myself. :) I'll be posting photos from the observatory there on a regular basis.