Sep 20, 2010

Buckets of Hail Water

Patches of blue sky graced my drive out to PMO Friday evening.

A flirty moon peaked out.

But clouds were gathering all around.

They rolled in with a vengeance.

Lightning punctuated the skies on the way home.

Then I hit the storm. Like a wall of water/hail. As if fifty folks stood outside throwing buckets at my windshield. Couldn't see a damn thing. I actually lost the road. Fortunately, they just repainted the lines after doing some construction. So, I was able to find the white line and continue traveling slowly by straddling the shoulder and the highway. It would have helped if the idiots on the other side of the road dimmed their brights. Then I went really blind when a lightning bolt hit about five feet in front of me. I've had close calls with lightning before and could smell and feel the electricity. 

The hail lay so thick on some parts of the road, I slid through an intersection. Luckily, it was out in the sticks and not a busy one.

Saturday there were no sun breaks. We got rained out again. So the second last weekend of the season was a washout.

I read more of novel#2, read more of the sci-fi novel using a 'Stonehenge' [research], wrote a new short story long hand [good luck me on reading that] and worked at revising an already written story.