Sep 28, 2010

Wistful Reads?

Anyone interested in an online bookclub? Of course, the books would be science fiction or fantasy. We could discuss them here on a scheduled basis. For instance, the first 100 pages and then the rest of the book, or however we decide to divvy the material up. We can vote on which book to read. We'll pace it reasonably. Something I thought up which I thought could be fun. For the first read, I would suggest "Replay" by Ken Grimwood. Any other suggestions? We can then vote. Let me know in the comments whether you're interested.

Seems Tuesday is the new 'it' night for the Syfy channel. Stargate Universe returns tonight. I'm looking forward to it. I will miss Warehouse 13 while it's on hiatus. I enjoyed it last summer yet it got better this year. I liked the story arc with HG Wells. Very well done, Warehouse 13.

I've seen the ads for Caprica coming back, too. The magic from BSG just isn't there. Maybe they worked on that while on hiatus. We'll see. The teenage girl angst with the robot just standing there most of the time and the virtual reality scenario were just not very interesting. All the smoking and drinking were distracting and also not interesting. It finally got good when the robot broke out in the very last episode. I will give it another chance and see whether it improved or not.

Started watching The Event on NBC. It's on at 9:00 p.m. on Monday nights. I liked the second episode better than the first. I thought it was rather exciting last night. I hope they keep it up. It would be fun to have something new and interesting to watch. Especially now that Lost is done. Haven't seen it yet? I think they put the episodes already aired on their website. So you can watch there.

Got an idea for a TV show of your own? How about using this as inspiration?

The Real Trashcans of Roswell

Oscar scowled at Tin Tin. "You always think you're so much better than everyone else!"

Tin Tin smiled, letting the others know he did not disagree. "I am made of stainless steel, not aluminum. Nope, I am not trashcan trash." He sniffed.

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