Sep 21, 2010

I Dub Thee

I appreciated all the great entries in the 'name my telescope' post last week. There were so many great names to choose from. I decided to name it Orson Bradbury. I will tell it this weekend. I can't believe I have to pack it up in the car and take it home this weekend. Hear that Husband! Clear me a spot in the garage!

The plan this week is to finish up short stories and begin submitting the new ones. I'll do more submissions for the old ones, too. Still reading through novel#2.

Busy literary week for me: critique group met last night, meeting fellow writers today and there's a Guild meeting this week.

I put a new discussion question and poll up on my website. Will you be so kind as to go there and participate? You can vote in the poll more than once. You can answer the question more than once, too, as long as you leave time in between. Think of the question like Facebook. There is a character limit. 250, I think. You guys rock!