Sep 16, 2010


My telescope has no name. Will you help me name it? I think it's a he. Seems so. Picture here. I named my car, Pugsly. My computer has a name, Wrongway. My printer has a name, R2D2, and my netbook has a name, Tiberius. So why have I never named my telescope?

On Tuesday I mentioned I've written 8 short stories over the past month. Yup. Revised two and will get to revising another. Also have two stories in the works for Night Chills. Then it's back to editing. Time to quit stalling. Hey, it happens. We all need breaks. No word on anything yet. ???

Write up of my reading of Plantgirl in August can be found here:

I received an award from Deb [Debwillbethin]. I'm supposed to sum up this blog in 5 words. LOL As I novelist, I'm wordy by nature so this is kind of tough. Wistful Nebulae - Adventures of an aspiring novelist. Is it? Yes. Also my adventures as an amateur astronomer and things that inspire me. The name of the blog comes from my poem, DreamPlay. You can read or watch it here:

I pass on the award to whoever leaves a comment. Congrats, super star!

So, come up with a name for my telescope yet?