Sep 24, 2010


The use of dreams and the dreamworld is a theme which crops up time and again. The most well-known work using this plot device is "The Wizard of Oz". Did Dorothy really go to Oz or did she just bang her head and have a tripped out dream?

The Matrix mixes the dreamworld with reality. Which is real? Total Recall used it, too. Was Arnold really an agent trying to save Mars, or was it all a dream?

Freddy Krueger killed through dreams. Don't fall asleep!

The use of a dreamworld takes the character on an adventure in which the character and we learn something. The character usually has to overcome several obstacles before leaving the wondrous, bizarre and unpredictable dreamland. Then the character returns to reality [wakes up] and we are left wondering what is real. So is the character.

Lately audiences have come to think explaining things away via dreams is a cop out. So, it isn't used as much as it once was. I know it bugs me. Only a dream? Aaarrrgh! With that said, I thought Bob Newhart used the plot device successfully in ending his series set at a Vermont inn.

Can you think of any TV shows, movies or books using this device? Own any? Any you like? Any you hate?

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