Sep 17, 2010

Zone of the Sisterhood Pants

Last week I ventured off to Macy's for nothing in particular, but in hopes of something nice to wear. With a real weakness for sweaters and jackets, fall is my favorite time of year to shop. Maybe it has something to do with being a Libra? Hey, that's astrology not astronomy! Oops.

First up on my 'wanted' list was a pair of jeans. I took several styles and sizes back to the dressing room and found a nice pair. The first pair I tried on as a matter of fact. They fit very well - not too tight, not too loose. A rare find indeed, so feelings of wariness crept right on in. Then I scampered off in search of a new winter coat.

While trying on the tenth coat of possibilities, a women and a sales lady spoke of jeans. Since they practically stood next to me, I couldn't help but hear the woman tried on the same sized jeans as me and claimed they fit. Not only was she taller, she had quite a bit of fluff. So, I knew I had entered the Twilight Zone or a sequel to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. How else would we fit in the same sized jeans?

I have to admit, I'm still flummoxed. A definite fright it was. Either I'm a lot fatter than I think, or she really squished herself into them suckers with a shoehorn. Or, there is some sort of vortex inside Macy's.

Do you have any shopping nightmares to share? May take me months to recover.