Sep 23, 2010

The Vortex

Do you have a personal vortex? I do. About a year ago my mysterious shadow of a whirlpool swallowed up my car keys. They have not turned up since.

On a saturday in November, beginning of November, I went to a workshop with Nature of Words [Bend's writers conference put on through the diligence of Ellen Waterston] presented by Jane Kirkpatrick, a very lovely and talented person. I enjoyed the workshop on history, research, etc ... immensely, since I enjoy history and research. I find a lot of inspiration rifling around in the past.

The Sunday after, I prepared to attend my first ever Second Sunday [the first Sunday in November to coincide with Nature of Words], but I could not find the car keys. Since the car was locked, the keys had to be in the house. Well, I still haven't found them. I managed to find the spares - almost as daunting a task as locating the missing set - and sped off. Jane was there and said she looked forward to hearing how I put Ancient Mesopotamia into space. I chickened out though. I did not read that Sunday. No worries, my courage and husband saw me through a reading in February and I've been reading ever since.

As you know from Friday's post, the Vortex struck again inside Macy's a few weeks ago. Last week it took my wedding ring. I made crab cakes for dinner and put my rings in my pocket while I did so. Then I promptly forgot about them. Later when I folded up my jeans I heard the clink clink. I was able to locate the diamonds, but not my wedding band. Odd, as it is the fattest of the rings and, therefore, should have been the easiest to find.

So, I told my husband we were back to 'engaged' until the Vortex spat my ring out. It did. On Tuesday. So, we're back to being married. I was hoping when I located the ring, my car keys from last year would also pop up. No such luck. The Vortex is hanging onto those wherever lost socks go ... and all the pens that disappear from my desk.

Where is that place? Do you know it?