Sep 10, 2010

Lost Lands

Lost lands are a common theme in fantasy. From the hokey Saturday morning Marty Kroft spectacular "Land of the Lost" with Marshall, Will and Holly to classics like Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, The Phantom Tollbooth, She, Erewhon, Willy Wonka, King Kong, Lost and Neverwhere. When I was a kid it fascinated me how Gumby could travel into books to different worlds. I wished I could, too.

It is enchanting to think we can walk through a mirror, a wardrobe, or float down a wild river to an enchanted land. Who doesn't enjoy getting lost in such worlds and having tea with the Mad Hatter or coming face to face with a viscious Knid?

The same theme crops up in science fiction. Kirk and the gang going through portals to other times and other worlds - finding alternative versions of themselves. O'Neil and the gang going through a Stargate every week.

What other stories can you think of using this theme? Bet you have at least one in your dvd collection or on your bookshelf. What is it?

If you could travel through a door or down a river to some place 'otherworldly' where would you go?