Sep 6, 2010

Fiery Stars and Clear Skies

It was a gorgeous weekend for star gazing. Friday was warm and clear. We had a fair number of visitors. The shooting stars streaked fiery with long tails. The Pleides peaked over the summit. A sure sign of the approach of autumn.

Saturday was clear and cold and swamped. An article on PMO [which I will talk more about tomorrow] in the local paper brought out a swarm of people. So, didn't get to move the telescope around a whole lot. And, it wasn't just cold, it dropped to bitter after sunset. I don't think I'm warm yet.

I was shivering by the time I took the photos of Jupiter.

Jupiter and its 4 galilean moons
Good crowds. Kent said we got rave reviews from the visitors. That's always nice to hear. I felt we had a good time.

Venus is now nearing crescent phase