Aug 11, 2010


I chip away at the queries I want to get out shortly. I learned a lesson a year ago though. It's better to let them sit a few days and read them over several times before sending.

Wrote an article for the Guild's blog  Yup, that's me, the friendly blog director. Don't ask me how to do the scrolly thing. I just copy and pasted from last year. And figured out how to change a word or two in the code. I'm not code literate though.

Started a new short story today. That creative itch doesn't stay silent long, and it was so nice to dive into something new. I haven't been able to for awhile. It's the first in three shorts I want to get done before I start the final edits for novel#2.

Mulling over some things for book two in the series [of the novel I'm submitting] and have the idea for novel#4 solidified. I'll have to make good notes, because I just won't be getting to that any time soon. Too bad, it's hot in my mind right now.

I have two short stories half-written to finish up. I guess my break is already over. I knew I wouldn't be able to stand it very long. What was it? One day? lol Maybe two.

I was talking to a Twitter friend and I said, "You realize we're auditioning for crazy." One book a year. If you kind folks help me get a best seller, then it's one book every nine months. Then we both said the same thing. "Bring it on. Bring on the crazy."

Anyway, I'm going to need some character names. So, if you leave a comment, I'm happy to name a character for you. If you have a nickname, I'll use it, too. Some of you I got once, but will be happy to use some variation of your name in another character.