Aug 27, 2010


Wednesday night I took this pic of the moon. It was tough as it was too dark to get a decent shot once the moon got high enough to see. It was really this color - well, actually it was redder. I was using my 4" Meade, which broke so that it won't stay still once it's aimed. So I had to hold the telescope and the camera as still as possible. Finally got one decent shot once I put the moon filter on. Took about 50 takes. Thank the Universe for the invention of digital cameras.

The 8" is up at the observatory, so I'll probably get some moon shots tonight. The moon will be just past full, so it's going to be bright. It's cool here - only about 70 - so I better get the thermals ready. Hope my cold doesn't try to sneek back, but I have a feeling it will. Maybe I'll take a preventative zicam before I go.

Hurt my left shoulder blade on Wednesday, so have been taking a lot of Advil, too. Apparently, my carefulness with the kickass workouts was not careful enough. Pushups are off the menu again for awhile. Siiiigh.

It's been really smoky here. Can smell fire in the air. I guess there's a wildfire on the Warm Springs Reservation and farmers have been burning their fields. Adds up to a hazy mess.

The reading of Plantgirl last night went well. Folks were talking about needing some Miracle Gro in their shoes. Mmmmmhmmmm. Me, too. I think I finally got reading slower down. Folks noticed my improvement. Practice at Second Sundays is paying off. It's also a lot of fun. Second Sundays is an enthusiastic crowd which sizzles with electricity.

I leave you for the weekend with a photo to caption. Have a great one!

Me hidey good