Aug 2, 2010

Only Seven More!

I'm now done with writing. I have seven chapters left to re-edit. Only seven! There is one inconsistency in those seven chapters to fix. No loose ends left. And, I must say, I am very happy with how my first novel shaped up after all the hard work. I'm proud of it and will feel confident this Saturday pitching it to agents and editors. I think it rocks. Even after reading it a few thousand times. [I know I'm not done by a long shot - but for this phase, I'm done]

I should be done and get to typing 'THE END' either tomorrow or Wednesday. I have a beer in the fridge waiting to celebrate. The Husband unit is looking forward to celebrating.

My one-sheet is almost finalized. Just waiting for the final word count. The synopsis is done. It finally satisfies me, too.

The next few days Husband and I will go over me answering questions aloud so I feel prepared. I tend to blank when I get nervous, so some preparation will go a long way to helping me out with that.

Husband is out getting the oil changed in the car and a battery in my watch [which I have not used in years]. Tomorrow I will check my outfit and get whatever I might need.

This is it. Only a few more days. I'm excited and nervous. Since the novel is pretty much done, I'm no longer stressed. If the car were to quit on me, then I might stress. I'll go get it washed tomorrow and get all the Pine Mountain dust off it. Well, most of it. I'll go get my red ink cartridge tomorrow and get my packets ready. I have my pack list. Need to get directions and do some banking.

But I'm ready. Mentally and emotionally, I'm ready. I'm ready to dance around and scream with joy. Even if I don't earn a paycheck, I have finished my first novel and am very happy with the end result. After a brief break, it's on to getting the second in shape.