Aug 3, 2010

The Sweetest Words in the English Language


I got to type that earlier today. That's right, novel#1 is now done. Hooooooooo!!! I can't say that enough. Hoooooooo HOOOOOOOOO Hhoooooooooo!!!

I'm enjoying my Mission Street hefeweizen. Locally brewed and mighty tasty. Have it in one of my grandfather's beer mugs.

My outfit is fine. The watch has a new battery. The car is washed and oil changed. Have my red ink cartridge to print up my packets tomorrow. Husband and I will practice interviewing over the next couple of days. I'm in good shape.

Here is my video essay from the past weekend:

My friends, the steers

Turbulent skies

Endings are beginnings

Clouds make for terrible astronomizing, but spectacular sunsets

Raining to the South

The bright dot among the clouds is Venus

Venus through my telescope.

The waning Moon

Saturday night was clear, but it got cold. I had to put my mittens on and I was sorry I didn't bring my winter hat. It was a decent weekend at the observatory. Jupiter is rising earlier.