Aug 9, 2010

They Might Be Giants

Saturday night these enormous thumps woke me up as they rattled down the hallway. Literally, rattling. I could not only hear the noise, I could feel it. Worse yet, they entered the room next to mine. Everything was a loud, reverberating whomp. How could anybody be that loud? What the frick were they doing? So, I said to my huband, I figured they had to be giants.

He laughed. "So, you thought, the only possible way people could be so loud," he said, "was if they might be giants."

OK, yeah, geeky 80's band humor.

My trip to Portland to attend the Willamette Writers conference was a great success. You can read more on my website - - under NEWS select 'The Scoop'. I met a lot of great people, armed myself with more knowledge and did all right.

I'm busy with putting queries and submissions together this week. So, yay!

Here's some photos I took.

Lighting in the hotel rooms was not the best. So those of you from the old blog can see I've been behaving myself.

It was cold and rainy in Portland when I left Sunday morning. If I were staying in Portland, I would have rethought the shorts and T-shirt I had on in favor of jeans & a sweatshirt. Since I was returning to the sunnyside of the Cascades, I left the shorts on.

Oh sun! It was much warmer once the sun came out. Mount Hood and some views while I was driving.