Aug 30, 2010

Yo! PMO!

Friday night was cold. The day was not warm, so I was bundled up in winter gear - thermals, two sweaters, heavier winter coat, gloves, hat, scarf, boots.

The way out to the observatory was accentuated with wispy clouds.

A tree bows, "Welcome."

Even at sunset, the clouds were sparse.


(what happens if I don't hold the camera steady)

However, it did not stay that way. We got a little viewing in - Venus, M13, the ring nebula, a very hazy Jupiter and the moon for about 5 minutes. I had the Lagoon Nebula, but just as the crowd came up, a cloud covered it up. Then the clouds rolled in with a vengeance. The crowd went home. We packed up and followed.

The Moon and Jupiter coyly peaked out as we walked outside the 24 after closing up shop.

A reporter from the Bend Bulletin was up at the observatory, so we're all going to be in the local newspaper next Saturday, the 4th. Cool.

The little dot is the ISS flying over head. I'm shocked this came out at all.

Clouds do make for terrible astronomizing, but I wish I could have captured the moonrise over the ridge. The clouds flamed and glowed. It was spectacular. It did not come out in photos, however. As the ISS flew through that marvel of dark and light.

I was in the car on my way home, with the heater cranking, by 10:30. A very early night for getting the telescopes out at all.