Aug 19, 2010

What Happened to Your Break?

That is what Video Gal asked me this week. Shrug. I guess I don't really know what the word means applied in my daily life. Writing is like breathing to me. It's something I have to do.

I started three new short stories this week. One is farther along than the others. I have two other half-written short stories I want to finish up. I tweaked a previously written story and began submitting again. There's another I want to tweak before it goes out again.

I figured out I can write a decent query letter. Sent one off the other day thinking it would take a few days before I heard back. By then I'd have the story repolished. I didn't want to change the plot at all, just wanted to tighten it up. Well, the reply came back within an hour. "Sure, we'd love to read your story. Sounds interesting."

Yup, turned into me barreling through the edits on that story might quick. I sure wasn't expecting such a quick answer. Teaches me to listen to my friend Paty's advice: "Don't submit unless the piece is done." At least it was written. I just like to do brush ups between submissions. I send out a few, brush up, send out a few more. Sometimes I get feedback, which may result in a larger edit. So, I know I keep moving closer to my goal. Short story writing is a whole different art from novel writing.

I got the 'big' submissions out this week, too. On Tuesday. I'm trying not to really think about it. You other writers understand.

Met with my critique group this week. They wanted the lowdown on Willamette Writers. I had nothing on deck. Just critiqued a fellow writer's work. I learn as much from reading their work and commenting as I do from getting their feedback on my stuff. I will definitely be throwing a short on deck next meeting.

I will be printing out the first draft of my second novel next week - maybe this weekend - and start reading it. Gearing up for the spit and polish on it. It shouldn't take as long as the first novel did - so I say now. LOL I don't think it will be as involved. My writing has progressed and I had a better idea of what I was doing when putting the second together. I don't think there's any avoiding one's first novel taking the most time and the most work. Subsequent novels are still a lot of work, but it seems to go a little easier.

I'm hoping before the spit and polish is done that the second book in the series I just submitted is on deck to get under way. If not, it will be on to novel#3.

I love what I do. I'm just going to keep doing it.