Aug 5, 2010

Millican is Off the Market

Right at the bottom of Pine Mountain, where I turn right onto a dirt road for the observatory, there is a tiny town. Millican. This is it. Yup, that's all there is to it and some cows.

It's been for sale the past three years. Yup, you could be your own town: mayor, sheriff, post master, everything. You even get your own jail and gallows.

Don't know what these new owners will make of it. Rumor has it none of the past ones had much luck. When I get round to it, it will be the setting for my third novel.

So this is it. Tomorrow I go off to my conference to try and sell my first novel. The nerves are fluttering in my stomach and I'm excited. My writer friends think I have a fair shot - great story idea and good writing. As I said, I'm pleased with how it came out. Last time I pitched I knew I jumped the gun. Yet I know it was something I had to do. Sort of like ripping a band-aid off kind of thing. After awhile, the rejections just roll off. It's part of the business and I stand in good company. Of that, I am also certain.

I blogged yesterday on my website.

The 2010 PMO Season


I will update 'The Scoop' when I get back from the conference. The hotel should have wi-fi, so I might twitter now and then. I will have my netbook with me.

Been practicing my answers. I have my packets done. I have extra one-sheets and synopses. I will load the netbook up tonight. All's I have left to do is some banking, fill the car with gas and pack.

You all have a great weekend! I can't believe this weekend is it and I can't believe I'm doing this. It's ... surreal, honestly. I've daydreamed of being an author since I was in junior high. I've thought about writing off and on since graduating from college. Here I am finally doing it. It kind of trips my mind.