Aug 13, 2010

Odd in Oregon

My next two shorts are set in Central Oregon. Kind of strange little stories. I finished roughing out the first yesterday then felt a need to start the second yesterday afternoon. The first lines just poured into my head, demanding to be written down. So, I did. I'd say Oregon is moody. I suppose that's why it fuels so many imaginations and so much creativity.

I went out to watch the Perseids last night. Just fantastic. Crystal clear skies and a whole lot of awesome. Last year primetime was 4 a.m. The year before I was away and had cloudy skies. Husband went with me and I asked if he remembered when we tried to watch the Perseids when we were dating. We lived in Northern Virginia then. We drove waaay out, but could not find dark skies anywhere. We could barely see the brightest stars. Last night we only had to drive about a block. A country block, but only about five minutes. We could see the Milky Way and saw a great show. Can't wait to get up to the observatory tonight. The meteor shower is over, but warm temps and clear skies will make for great viewing. There are 6-10 shooting stars an hour without a meteor shower.

I cleaned my desk yesterday. I can now see a large portion of the surface of it. I still have three piles of papers, but I know what's in each one. Filed the notes from novel#1 away. Put the books used for research back on the shelf. Made a new outline of the series. Gearing up to start the read-through of novel#2 next week. First, I need to crank out these three short stories I have in mind, get a submission ready for Orycon, get my subs out from last weekend, and do more subs in general for my other short stories. I have two half-written short stories to finish up, too.

My friend Paty's new book comes out today, Spirit of the Mountain I got to read the first three chapters. I look forward to reading the rest. A romance involving Native American lore.

My friend Martin's book is also out, Fatal Secrets Sounds like a great read.

Do not muddy your accomplishments with their imperfections. Celebrate each and every one. Not everyone has the guts to reach. Not everyone has the courage to stand and face it. We must pay our dues. Live and learn, and do keep your mind open to learn. Knowledge arms us to come back to fight another day.

So characters coming up - Nomar, Mary/Mares [or some derivative so people don't think I'm writing about myself], Susan and Lynda. Last names are also in play if I know yours. :D

Peace out! Oh, and happy 13th. Here's hoping something strange happens today.