Aug 10, 2010

Perseids and Piranha

Hmmm, man-eating fish as a meteor shower ... now that'd be something to see. :D Run! Ruuuuuuuun! They swim and lurk through the arms of the Milky Way subsisting on the currents of dark matter and neutrinos. They like our sun's neutrino's best. Now they've found us! Galactic Piranha! OK, I just made that up.

Skywatch alert! This week is the Perseids Meteor shower, the showiest of the year. Best viewing is Wednesday and Thursday nights after midnight. About 50 meteors per hour makes it a spectacular sight. For more information see:

I also saw a movie trailer on TV for Piranha 3D  Some of you may recall my absolute love of Mega Piranha on SyFy a few months back, so my interest sure perked up at this trailer. Unfortunately, the two movies are not related. So, I'm thinking there's no hope for exploding giant fish taking out towns and helicopters and Navy destroyers. Kind of a bummer. That was my favorite part. It was such a surprise to see the fish exploding. Very unexpected. It's what nudged Gamera v. Zigra out of the number one slot [it held for decades] as the best bad movie out there. I wasn't sure modern moviemakers could compete with their counterparts of old, but Mega Piranha certainly did. I was completely entertained. And, considering I have a major weakness for giant, man-eating reptiles, Husband was surprised the fish movie became my new favorite.

Oh, we still giggle over Assignment OuterSpace, too. My friends at the observatory shake their heads whenever I mention it. I made them watch it one night when there was no sky. "Was there a plot to that movie, Mary?" "Not, really. Not until the end. That's part of it's charm." They shake their heads more. The highlights are the man jumping out of the space ship and going splat on Mars and the hero suddenly saying, "It's Christmas, Lucy," and Christmas music playing for no reason whatsoever.

I have some dvds from the old Flash Gordon 1954. I look forward to watching them soon. I picked them up for a steal at the dollar store. Score! Right now, Husband and I are thoroughly enjoying season one of True Blood.

Got any juicy bad or good movies or TV to share?